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Pet Microchips in Austin, TX

It's a scary experience when you have lost a dog or cat. Instead of posting flyers and calling neighbors, simply locate your pet with pet microchips. In Austin, TX, the team at our animal hospital installs advanced animal microchips that help you quickly find the location trace your dog or cat.

Why spend hours roaming the neighborhood for your dog or searching the trees for your cat? With pet microchips in Burnsville MN, any animal shelter or veterinary hospital can identify your pet with a quick and simple scan. All important information is in the chip. After identifying the information, they'll call you as soon as possible.

Advanced Pet Microchips

Most dogs and cats like to roam. However, sometimes they travel too far and too long. If they are on the trail of something interesting, they could end up in an unfamiliar area. Make sure your dog or cat can be found with pet microchips. By placing a small implant under the skin, we ease your worries by providing a way to find our lost fuzzy friend.

Animal Microchips Are Safe

A microchip is a safe device that does not have a power source. It's no bigger than a grain of rice. We insert these harmless and helpful animal microchips under the skin at the back of your pet's neck. They are effective devices that save pets and give pet owners extra peace of mind.

Puppy With a Toy in Austin, TX

How Does Pet Microchipping Work

If your pet is lost missing, wouldn't be nice to know that he is wearing a microchip? Hundreds of thousands of animals go missing every year. Instead of giving into fear, depend on our team for pet microchipping. It's safe, easy, and affordable.

When a pet shows up at the pound, animal shelter, or animal hospital, it is scanned and safely returned to you.

Affordable Dog & Cat Microchipping

There's no need to search for your dog or cat at the pound, animal shelter, or veterinary hospital. Staff members at these centers automatically scan lost animals to see if they have microchips. If so, your pet is returned to you safely. It's amazing how something as affordable and small as a grain of rice can reunite families with their pets.

Contact us to schedule an exam for your cat or dog. We serve pet owners throughout Austin, TX.