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Declawing in Austin, TX

Your kitten is cute, but he's ripping up the furniture and leaving his mark on your skin. Protect your skin and your surfaces by depending on Austin Veterinary Center for declawing in Austin, TX. Even though there are other ways to prevent clawing, if nothing else is working, cat declawing is the best solution for your cat's health and family's well-being.

Pet declawing is a personal decision that also involves the welfare of your cat. Rest assured our skilled and caring veterinarian always uses the safest and most gentle procedures to remove your cat's claws. In addition, the post-op recovery is short and relatively painless.

Thoughts About Pet Declawing

To declaw or not to declaw? That is the question. For some, cat declawing is a controversial topic. However, it is actually a very safe and humane procedure - similar to spaying and neutering. You can be assured that our team cares deeply about animals and only provides surgery that is best for them and their owners. Some helpful declawing facts include:

  • We recommend declawing only for only indoor cats.
  • We declaw the front claws, allowing your cat to defend using their back feet.
  • Declawed cats can still climb trees to escape from possible danger.
  • Kitten declawing is best at three to five months of age, but can be performed at any age.
  • General anesthesia is used during surgery for your cat's comfort.
  • Hospitalization is required for a day or two to ensure swift recovery.
  • Your pet does not require suture removal because no sutures are used.
  • Most cats walk normally within a week after surgery.

Cat & Kitten Declawing

It only takes a swift swipe for a cat to damage furniture, a child, or another animal. Some owners may have "purr-fectly" obedient cats that don't need to be declawed. However, for many cat owners, kitten or cat declawing is the best option.

At our animal clinic, we provide this service to prevent your cat from using its claws destructively. In addition, we declaw cats to prevent harm to people or other animals in the household. Whatever the reason, we assure you that your kitten or cat receives the best treatment.

Cat Rolling Around in Austin, TX

Contact us when you've had one too many scratches and need pet declawing for your cat. We serve pet owners throughout Austin, TX.