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Pet Teeth Cleaning in Austin, TX

Did you know that dental problems impact your pet's health? While many pet owners tend to neglect their pets’ oral hygiene, proper care of teeth and gums is no less important for animals than it is for their human owners. Gum disease and tooth decay are common problems among dogs and cats that can negatively impact their quality of life. Don’t let your four-legged companion suffer—our veterinarian provides the expert dental care your pet needs for shining, healthy teeth.

Keep your pet's teeth healthy and bright by depending on us for thorough pet teeth cleaning. We prevent and treat dental disease that leads to more serious health problems. Since most dogs and cats have tooth or gum disease by the time they are three years old, it's important to be proactive. Allow us to provide a dental checkup by our pet dentist so that your pet doesn’t have to suffer the pain of common oral problems. Our services help your pets maintain optimum oral health.

Happy Dogs Playing in Austin, TX

Rely on our staff to make your pet smile brighter with our comprehensive tooth-care services. At our clinic, we use digital dental radiology that produces high-definition images of your pet's teeth. These images are more accurate than traditional radiology because they provide clear images below your pet's gum line. This imaging allows us to diagnose dental disease that isn't seen through a visual examination. We use this information to provide your pet with deeper, more thorough treatment. With better treatment, your pet enjoys the high quality of life that you want.

Friendly and Experienced Pet Dentist

Your pet deserves tender love and care when it comes to teeth cleaning. By providing scheduled veterinary dentistry, our pet dentist makes sure your pet never suffers from the effects of poor oral hygiene. In addition to providing comprehensive dental care, our veterinarian also offers helpful advice to ensure your pet has healthy teeth at home, too.

If you’ve tried to brush your pet’s teeth at home, you already know that animals aren’t too enthusiastic about submitting to regular, necessary cleanings. However, we’re the experienced provider of gentle teeth cleaning you can trust to make sure your pet’s teeth receive the attention they need. When pets struggle during cleanings, it’s easy to miss areas where plaque and bacteria may be building up. Trust us to make sure your pet receives a more thorough cleaning. We’ll also give you the tips that will help you ease your pet into a more successful cleaning routine at home.

We use the most advanced cleaning techniques that guarantee your pet’s oral hygiene is completely taken care of. Come to us when you want to ensure the highest level of dental care for your pet. Our services are designed to give your pet the most attentive and complete treatment and preventative care. Your pet's dental package includes the following:

  • Oral Examinations with Anesthesia
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Hand Scaling of Teeth
  • Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning
  • Tooth Extractions if Needed
  • Polishing
  • Irrigation
  • Fluoride Application

Effective Dog Teeth Cleaning

Does your dog have bad breath? It's probably not something he ate. Bad breath in dogs often indicates tooth decay or gum disease. Unfortunately, many dogs suffer from poor oral hygiene. Especially as they age, dogs experience odor-producing oral problems that require veterinary attention. With our help, though, your dog doesn’t have to suffer.

Bring your pet in to our office for dog teeth cleaning. At our advanced facility, we'll not only clean his pearly whites, but we'll make sure his teeth and gums stay healthy. A pretty smile may not mean much to your dog, but the oral treatments we provide help prevent the onset of avoidable mouth pains. Our dentist uses ultrasonic scaling, polishing, and a mouth rinse to remove plaque.

Make our teeth cleanings part of your dog’s routine health care program. Healthy mouths equal happy dogs.

Cat Teeth Cleaning Made Easy

You may not want to try to clean your cat's teeth at home, but our clinic knows how to provide your cat with a comfortable dental experience. We perform thorough examinations and comprehensive cat teeth cleaning services to rejuvenate your cat's teeth. By using advanced procedures and administering fluoride treatments, we ensure your kitty has a clean mouth, strong teeth, and healthy gums.

Cats aren’t always accommodating when it comes to their owners trying to brush their teeth or inspect their gums. Keeping up with a cat’s oral hygiene is challenging, but our veterinary dentist specializes in keeping your pet’s mouth in top shape. Don’t stress about whether your cat is having tooth or gum problems. Our clinic is here to help boost your cat’s oral health.

When you make routine teeth cleanings part of your cat’s standard health care, you’re helping to boost your furry friend’s quality of life. Let your cat’s health and happiness benefit from our dental expertise.

Contact us to schedule a dental exam for your cat or dog. We serve pet owners throughout Austin, TX.